Adjustment can be overwhelming. Recovery is about resiliency. You have it. Let's put it to work.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI ) can have devastating consequences, not only for the person with the injury, but also for parents, partners and children. While brain injury is often invisible, survivors and their families must cope with the emotionally challenging demands of adapting to the injury, while opening themselves to the natural grieving process. Personalities can change, and caregivers may find themselves confused and frustrated.But many survivors make remarkable recoveries and transform their lives in ways they never imagined. I used evidence-based methods to help individuals and families adjust and rebuild their lives. We will identify your strengths and work from there.

My work with people with TBI and their caregivers is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. I am an approved provider of supportive counseling for brain injury survivors and family members participating in the state COMCARE waiver.

    • My clinical services to people with brain injury and family members include:Therapeuic support for post-injury life adjustment

    • Trauma therapy

  • Counseling support for vocational adjustment

  • Therapeutic support for grief and loss

    • Family and relationship counseling

    • Relationship and family counseling

    • Sexuality counseling

    • Anger management support

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