Treatment for Traumatic Memories & Childhood Neglect

One of the main goals of therapy is to help people ease the pain of human suffering. That pain is most vivid in the lives of those who have suffered traumatic psychological experiences.

Those experiences can be so devastating that the invisible wounds still cripple their lives years later. Victims of child abuse, adult abuse survivors, those exposed to the horror of war, violent crimes, and painful accidents often develop intense fear responses to anything that becomes associated with the trauma.

Even people who have experienced early abandonment over the loss of a parent to death or divorce can have their peace of mind impinged upon by fears that seem confusing or unrealistic. Phobic responses, post-traumatic stress symptoms, or a generalized sense of anxiety often remains with them long after the initial experience of pain.

Hope now exists for people victimized by trauma. Research shows a revolutionary treatment method is effective in treating even the most resistant post-traumatic stress disorders, as well as milder forms of emotional distress. This treatment, endorsed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

I also employ EMDR with some individuals to treat other types of distress, including anxiety, depression, painful feelings about the loss of a loved one, and stress many parents experience raising a child with a disability.

My education as a trauma specialist includes advanced, certificate-level training sponsored and endorsed by the EMDR International Association, EMDRIA .

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